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S Core

Processor module

The S Core is an in-house developed processor module. It is for example the heart of the Linux device S4 CommPro X. The compact design ensures space-saving. The Linux typical free programmability enable use in almost all applications.

Through continuous further development of the S Core series you can always be sure to benefit from the most advanced processors. The software compatibility within the S Core series is assured. So a dependence on processor availability can be avoided. Thereby, we ensure a long-term availability. 

The S Core is available to you for your own projects. We like to support you in development own applications. We supply, along with processor modules, with Linux 3.14, a board support package and an evaluation board for testing your application.

Application areas

The S Core is a CPU module with accumulator, Linux and BSP. The small dimensions allow use in various telematics solutions.

Key Features

Further details can be found in our datasheet.  

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