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S3 Control

Machine-to-machine communication

The S3 Control is designed specifically for applications in the area of Industry 4.0 and M2M. It supports the most common industrial buses such as I2C, RS232 or RS485 and offers scalable connectivity for 2G and 4G. Control and feedback applications as well as the protocols can be implemented easily thanks to Java-programmability.

The S3 Control was equipped with a number of features despite its compact design. The unit fulfils additional requirements with the easy connection of additional interface modules via Backplane-I2C-Bus. sitec systems is happy to support you in designing interfaces.

The S3 Control can simply be fitted in switch cabinets thanks to its DIN track design.

Application areas

Key Features

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The S3 Control can be expanded via various expansion modules (up to 112 IOs). These are used as extension modules which are connected with the S3 via a backplane at the DIN rail. Currently expansion modules are available for digital inputs, digital outputs and analog inputs. As a standard version, the modules have usual protective circuits. The extension modules of the industry version are optically and galvanically isolated on the bus and field side. 

F002X - Digital Input Module

F003X - Digital Output Module

  • in preparation

F005X - Analog Input Module


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