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S5 CommPro

Java programmable communication unit

The S5 CommPro is a wireless modem for data transmission. This high-quality sitec systems product is highly flexible in terms of both its configuration and application. The S5 CommPro can be upgraded in various ways and can also be programmed if required. Programming is simplified by using open source tools such as Eclipse or Netbeans, and by using sitec systems' S65X Framework, various software tools and training courses. The S5 CommPro is E1 and CE certified, and it forms the basis for the custom solutions developed by sitec systems.

A project-specific housing and equipment can be realized upon request. 

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Further details can be found in our datasheet.  

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The device S5 CommPro can be upgraded with expansions modules at a internal interface to meet custom requirements. This interface is called Feature Connector (FC). The expansions bears the prefix FC. 

Every FC board has an own protocol processor with the specific firmware for the expansion and the firmware for the proprietary STS protcol. Complete protocol stacks can be implemented.

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